Completing tax returns for individuals and companies

Full service including:

  • Completion of your tax returns based on the documents prepared by you, for all the Swiss Cantons
  • Review, explanations and signature during a meeting set at your convenience
  • A tax estimation will also be provided and explained to you
  • The tax return will be sent to the tax authority

Tax assessment checking

Answer to the tax authorities regarding their information requests.
Tax assessment checking in order to preserve your interests

Claim and appeal against tax authorities

Claim against the tax assessments and, if necessary, appeal to the various courts
(Tribunal fédéral, Tribunal administratif de première instance,…)

Volontary disclosure

  • Complete inventory of your undecleared assets
  • Estimation of the additional tax
  • Declaration of these assets to the tax authorities

VAT, quarterly and half-yearly declaration, annual concordance

  • VAT return preparation on your accounting basis
  • Correspondence with the tax authorities for every type of request
  • Assistance and documents preparation regarding any VAT audit.
  • Assistance during the affiliation and radiation process

Withholding tax

  • Form preparation regarding the announce of a dividend distribution
  • Form preparation regarding the claim of the withholding tax for your company

Tax pacification including cantonal and international tax repartition

Comparison of cantonal and communal rates taking into account your personal circumstances (assets and earnings)

Municipal business taxes

Tax return preparation on your accounting basis.

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