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As we all know, accounting, payroll and taxes can be complex, annoying and a source of anxiety. Most entrepreneurs think of them only as expenses, but a well kept accounting system is a real tool for the company management and, above all, these areas should not be taken lightly. Here are 6 good reasons to entrust your accounting to a fiduciary.


Whether you are starting your business or your business is already well established, you put all your energy into your work. Leave the paperwork to the fiduciary and concentrate on developing your business.


Contrary to popular belief, delegating the accounting of a company allows for considerable savings, in relation to the costs of staff dedicated to this service, equipment, software licences, or continuous training.


Accounting, payroll and taxes are constantly changing areas that require specific and specialised knowledge. It is therefore preferable to entrust this task to professionals who are constantly learning about legal changes and can therefore quickly answer any question, no matter how specific.


Changes in legislation mean that planning is possible. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have someone to keep track of all these changes for you, while informing you on the best way to implement them in order to fully benefit from them?


Imagine you receive a letter saying that a VAT audit will be carried out in the next few weeks. Your internal accountant prepares the documents and when he has finished his work, the auditor informs you that the VAT paid was not sufficient due to an error in the declaration following a change in the law. Now suppose you receive this same letter, you pass it on to your expert and, when he has finished his work, the auditor informs you that everything is in order. By following the continuous training, your expert knows all the legislative changes and is able to inform you about them.


An expert gives you security that neither partners nor investors are indifferent to. It adds value to your company and facilitates your commercial agreements and your development.

To sum up, using a fiduciary certainly represents a cost, but it allows you to concentrate exclusively and serenely on the development of your company, while knowing that a professional is there to support you at all times in your various administrative procedures.

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