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It is not always easy to fill in your tax return while being sure that you have declared all your income and assets and have claimed all the authorised deductions. Our fiduciary assists you in this process and also offers tax planning and estimation services to help you optimise your taxes.

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Tax returns

We take care of drawing up your tax return, taking into account all the deductions to which you are entitled. We also assist you in all the steps that follow, i.e. responding to the various requests from the tax authorities, checking your tax assessments and, if necessary, lodging complaints and/or appeals against them if the tax authorities make unjustified recoveries.

We will also guide you through this process if you are newly subject to ordinary taxation at source according to the new regulations


You find out that all your assets or income have not been declared in the past? You have the right, once in your life, to regularise the situation spontaneously with the tax authorities. By announcing these undeclared items before the tax authorities become aware of them, you avoid a fine for tax evasion. Contact our experts and they will take care of notifying the tax authorities. We can also estimate the tax reminder so that you can budget the cost of this announcement.

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As a company director, a number of questions may arise, particularly regarding the remuneration. The choice between salary and dividend is not always obvious and can have different impacts on your company, in terms of taxes and cash flow, and on your personal taxes. Our experts will guide you in your choices and help you make the best decision.

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Tax planning
and estimation

Certain circumstances or events, whether unforeseen or planned, may require a legal, tax or accounting approach depending on your personal situation (nationality, residence, family and professional situation, etc.), whether it be:

  • planning of real estate assets (direct or indirect ownership of buildings);
  • commercial asset planning (self-employed or company)
  • planning for succession or donation purposes;
  • tax reduction through simple tools (e.g. Pension extra contributions or optimisation of work on your properties).

Our experts (team link URL: /about/team) are at your disposal to answer all your questions and to carry out a thorough tax estimation according to your situation and needs.

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21 November 2023

Change in the application of the parental scale on January 1st 2024

On September 1st 2023, at the proposal of the State Council, the Geneva Grand Council restored equal treatment by adopting Bill 13254 on the equitable taxation of separated or divorced…
17 November 2022

Which communes are the cheapest in the Canton of Geneva in terms of taxation?

The following question is regularly asked by our clients: "If I moved to another commune, would I pay less tax?" There are indeed significant disparities between communes in terms of…
G. Salerno & Associés SA AccountingCompanyIndividual
31 January 2022

Withholding tax from 2021 onward

In November 2014, the Federal Council proposed the draft revision of the withholding tax. In December 2016, the Federal Assembly accepted the draft revision of the withholding tax with an…
G. Salerno & Associés SA AccountingCompanyIndividual
31 January 2022

Real estate – direct or indirect ownership?

Since the introduction of the RFFA on January 1st, 2020 and the significant reduction in the corporate tax rate, many of our clients have asked themselves whether it would not…


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