Tax return 2015 – do not forget the deductions!

Salerno & Associés Accountant Office in Geneva provides tax return services and helps you to save on taxes for 2015.

There are different tax deduction possibilities which may decrease the amount of tax you have to pay!

The check-list of the deductions 2015 that you should not forget is the following:

  • 3rd pillar contribution up to a maximum of CHF 6’786.00
  • Child care (crèche, nanny,…) up to a maximum of CHF 4’031.00 (per child) for cantonal and communal taxes (ICC taxes) and up to a maximum of CHF 10’100.00 (per child) for federal taxes (IFD taxes).
  • Health insurance premium up to a maximum of CHF 12'000.00 (from 26) for the cantonal and communal taxes (ICC taxes).
  • Property owners in Geneva: do you know that most of expenses you pay are deductible (for instance: insurance premium, refurbishment, new washing machine, new heating system, gardener’s expenses, and many more)? You have the choice between the effective costs (by providing the invoice to the tax authorities) or fixed costs which are 10% of your rental value (for properties that are less than 10 years old) and 20% of your rental value (for properties that are more than 10 years old). You can chose the effective or the fixed cost every year, which means that if one year you had a few effective cost and the next less or none, the first one you will deduct these effective costs and the next year the fixed costs. We would be pleased to help you sort out maintenance cost deductible or not.

Typical cantonal tax rates are 14-20%, while typical federal tax rates are 1-3%.

For a couple with 2 small children, you could save up 3’000.00 to 6’000.00 CHF. Our team is made of experienced tax consultants, tax advisors in Geneva – we will file your tax return and maximise your tax savings. We will also give you advice on how you can save more in the coming years.

Do not miss the deadline which is March 31st, call us or email us, using the below form, we will get back to you in one working day.

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