No matter if it is a big company, a small one, an association, a foundation or a self-employed individual, we offer you the following services:

Corporate accounting

  • Book-keeping and Financial Statements preparation
  • Annual closing assistance
  • Payroll accounting
  • Balance sheet and profit & loss account analysis
  • Payments transactions management


  • Completing tax returns for individuals and companies
  • Tax assessment checking
  • Claim and appeal against tax authorities
  • VAT, quarterly and half-yearly declarations, annual concordance
  • Tax pacification including cantonal and international tax repartition
  • Municipal business taxes


  • Salary slips and salary certificates preparation
  • Social security affiliation
  • Administrative work to obtain work permit
  • Registration and annual declarations to the social securities
  • Assistance in all questions related to payroll

Family office

  • Administrative work
  • Payments transactions management
  • Accounting

Corporate administration

  • Implementing a corporate structure and creating the company
  • Supplying administrators and managing directors
  • Domiciliation
  • Administrative work


  • Limited audits
  • Notary offices

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