Corporate accounting


Book-keeping on the basis of your bank statements, petty cash statements, credit cards statements, clients and providers invoices.

Financial Statements preparation

Closing entries booking (provisions, amortization, tax provision calculation, etc.) and Financial Statements preparation (Balance sheet, P&L, Notes to the Financial Statements and Appropriation of available earnings). The minutes of the board and the attendance list will be also prepared.

Annual closing assistance

Assistance and support to the person in charge of the booking during the closing process.

Payroll accounting

Creating a personal accounting voucher to help you book your wages easily.

Balance sheet and profit & loss account analysis

Review of your Financial Statements and analysis of your accounts to help you optimize your management, with an overview of your situation for a better control of costs.

Payments transactions management

Preparation of your payment orders (paper or ebanking), submission for approval and implementation. With a prior agreement, complete management of your payments order, including holding a timetable.

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